• Coenzyme Q10

For energy generation

Coenzyme Q10 is a protein-based catalyst which is necessary for the generation of energy in cells. It involves in the production of most cellular energy of the body. KWC Coenzyme Q10 increases the stamina of the body under physical and emotional stress and helps to fight chronic fatigue syndrome.


·    Strengthen cardiovascular system

·     Stimulates immune system of the body

·     Serves as an antioxidant to eliminate the damaging effects of free radicals to the cells

·     Normalises metabolism and facilitates weight management


Content :

330mg x 60 capsules


Suggested use: 2 capsules per day during meals.

Consult a medical doctor or pharmacist if you are taking other medication/ health supplement.

Ingredients :

Safflower oil , vegetable oil containing vitamin E , vitamin C , coenzyme Q10 , beewax/Lecithin , blackpepper extract.

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Coenzyme Q10

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